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Corporate war

Der er udbrudt krig mellem Exxon og Gazprom på Krim.



Steve vs Bill rap battle

Med en gæste optræden af HAL9000 fra Kubricks klassiske mesterværk.

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Ny opdatering fra Anonymous 1337

Nedenstående blev offentliggjort igår:

about Apple, if u read the PR again, we has never said Apple gave this shit to FBI retards.
we said it was a really bad decision go ahead on the deployment of such UDID concept.
we hope they address this privacy issue as quick they can.

Also we suggest they should review iTunes( for computers) deployment of similar concepts, last time we checked,
that was a while ago. they were using hardware related references (like ethernet MAC addresses) to produce a hash to identify computers as associated workstations for an itunes account. just to mention an example of similar practices related to use of hardware linked references to identified systems.

About FBI, they are the same assholes as usual.
We agreed they have learnt a lot about us using Sabu (and others) against us, but hey, we have learnt a lot about them too.
An agency sustained by the common practice of civil population spying, abuse, fraud, illegal operations, bullying, and using of the uncontrolled power to break on ppl. they dont have any limits to their bullshit since long time.

for those lobbying around saying we r just a bunch of criminal scum. perhaps. but we can guarantee, after knowing them quite well,
FBI is not better than us.

some guy pointed to this article from Kevin Poulsen about . interesting shit.
Stratfor wouldnt have been so damaged if they wouldnt have been there pushing us to do it. when we were stuck waiting for new servers to dump the mails. FBI quickly and gladly hurried up to provide us with all we needed at the time. All those companies and agencies falling with the amused agreement of the fBI. really interesting shit.
They have been quite gentle to help us out cracking huge list of passwords. they have cheered us up. supported. with the charismatic agreement of our dear agent “Geraldo” thumbing magazines behind sabu’s screen. Is Agent David helping out with the brazilians guise, yep you should be careful about where you eat lobster? Is Plunkett still seeing islamists on every corner? How is wifey doing it now?

We are glad to see FBI hurried up crying on twitter ‘TOTALLY FALSE’. lulz. caps. epic moment is epic.
and then they just rolled it back and went on the path of ‘there’s currently no evidence’.

we know u accepted after discussing it and against your will the well known ‘FBI Call’. yep u didnt like it. but u need it too to finish the deal on trapping our friend on jail.

but this is different shit. this just caught you pants down with your neighbor pal’s dick hooked up in your arse whilst your wife is not at home, isnt it?
enjoy it.

FBI wants evidence. that means giving away detailed resources, exactly dates, methods and techs that will help them to track us, build charges against us. details obviously they r not capable to get by themselves this time, without sabu’s help. If u r journos covering hacking u should know we hate giving away this shit.
tho, we ll see how FBI keeps playing this, we has noticed they are already lobbying desperately press to take down this story.
they surely will come with more shits to discredit us as much as possible. we knew that since the very first day we saw this file.
but its fine. they already lied once with the ‘TOTALLY FALSE’ thingie. now we ll see how they continue playing this down.
and then, once they have lied a second time. we ll post some lulzy logs and extras.
but, at the end, ppl will choose who to believe to.
and probably at the end we could lose this one. we dont have same budget at all, lol.
but, finally, at the very last end, the FBI (and some other agencies) and us, ourselves, will know the truth and we ll have to live with it.

by the way. Imperva is doing a good homework avoiding wasting time licking govt asses and just trying to understand what happened.”

UPDATE: oh for gods sake guise!!! if u post something quietly nobody pays attention.
ok again and tweeting it (u should know twitter is not to trust, isnt it? remember kayla)
can anyone email this to adrian chen. XD. i think he did it great.

so basically just once again to avoid misinterpretations. (but for sure no hate)

yeah guise. we ll post hacking session and shits u want.
but when we think its the right move at the right moment,
after we r sure theres no mistake done left to be traced and not when u want.
cause probably you dont care too much about it at this point. but in our end
we dont want to lose assets and resources we still use and hand over valuable info to fbi, etc.
main cause: they r mad as hell and tracking right now all comms, we know some of u have already noticed it too.
and this plan it s about staying around doing stuff as long as we survive to do so whislt we keep running away,
and not helping out to be trapped and finish the rest of life in prison
or killed cause u all were just curious how it happened and stressed the things up
and we just hurried up to jump into the trap just to delight you.
lets do things right way. enough ppl already jailed for lil mistakes.
are we being paranoid?? ofc we r.

for the moment we think its quite safe to mention these clues:
3 IPs were involved, 2 of them were like:



Also, omg men. ofc we targeted the agents cause we knew them and they were after us and we wanted revenge.
what kind of stupid argument is that against the hack??

for fellows: be careful boyz, cause things have just turned really mad and dirty.

and for all those retards thinking sabu is still in the group….agh..go and get a free lobotomy, nothing of value will be lost.
tho, sabu seems not anymore in this corner, we can’t be sure something else has replaced him. so basically, keep both eyes fucking open.

next: release coming, tribute to a good friend whos now jailed.

some of the guise told me that Sophos wrote pointing to the wrong java exploit used. check the press release again, guise and also…
why so serious? <3 if i forgot something i ll drop it someplace later. also cocks.


A message from George W. Bush


Get a perspective…

If you have food in your fridge, clothes on your back, a roof over your head and a place to sleep you are richer than 75% of the world.

If you have money in the bank, your wallet, and some spare change you are among the top 8% of the world’s wealthy.

If you woke up this morning with more health than illness you are more blessed than the million people who will not survive this week.

If you have never experienced the danger of battle, the agony of imprisonment or torture, or the horrible pangs of starvation you are luckier than 500 million people alive and suffering.

If you can read this message you are more fortunate than 3 billion people in the world who cannot read it at all.




Bliv klogere på den økonomiske krises årsager

Forklaringen på hvorfor kapitalismen ikke virker.



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Tell everybody


Life Line

by tomek ducki